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Thousands of Bronx Rent Stabilized Apartments At Risk As NYC Begins Phasing Out Homeless Shelter Clu

Gothamist just reported that thousands of rent stabilized apartments in New York City―the overwhelming majority which are in The Bronx―are in danger of being deregulated as NYC continues to phase out the notorious cluster site homeless shelter program that enticed landlords with on average double the average rents in order to house homeless families.

The average price per unit that the city was paying? $2,451 a month and yes, these were rents being paid in The Bronx too well above what the rent regulated rents were for these units. At the peak of the program in January 2016, the city had 3,658 cluster units spread across 314 buildings throughout the city and of those, a whopping 2,877 units in 268 buildings were located in The Bronx representing 79% of such sites which turned these residential buildings where multi-generational families lived into living nightmares as landlords greedy with the promise of doubling their rent rolls began pushing those long time tenants away.

Whether it was done through neglect of the properties or the overall lack of safety that existing families felt, the results were the same: Entire buildings were turned into shelters.

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